15CM Cute Bear Plush Doll with Dress

Height: 15-16cm
Color: White
Sale price$10.40



Looking for the perfect gift for your loved one or to decorate your party? Look no further than our adorable 15CM Bear Stuffed Plush Toy with a Cute Dress Key Pendant! Here are the key features that make our plush toy the perfect choice:

  • Adorable Design: Our plush toy is designed to be irresistibly cute and charming, making it the perfect gift for kids and adults alike.

  • Cute Dress Key Pendant: The bear plush toy comes with an adorable dress key pendant that adds a stylish and fun touch.

  • Perfect for Special Occasions: Our plush toy is perfect for birthdays, weddings, and party decor, adding a special touch to any occasion.

  • Soft and Safe Material: Our plush toy is made with soft cotton and PP cotton filling, ensuring that it is both comfortable and safe to use.

  • CE Certified: Our plush toy is CE certified for safe use, giving you peace of mind that you are purchasing a high-quality product.

  • Comes with Warning: Our plush toy comes with a warning to keep it away from fire and to not eat it, ensuring that it is used safely.

  • Ideal Gift: Our plush toy is the perfect gift for kids and adults (12+ years and 18+ years), making it a versatile choice for any occasion.

With our 15CM Bear Stuffed Plush Toy with a Cute Dress Key Pendant, you can add a touch of fun and charm to any occasion. So why wait? Order yours today and make your loved one's day!

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